Thursday, January 22, 2009

Great Rockies Sport Show-MTA booth

January 17th I headed out to Billings for the Great Rockies Sport Show. It was a pleasure working with Fran and Jim Buell who are members of the Montana Trappers Association. Fran does most of the educational programs for the trappers and she has an awesome way with children. They taught me how to identify many animal tracks and then I had kids come by and stamp their chosen track on a piece of paper. Probably the best part of the show was going around with my fur vest on and talking to people from many different booths. It is amazing how much people enjoy talking to you when you are Miss Rodeo Montana. I really love interaction with lots of people and so far this job has proved to have a lot of that. I met some gentlemen from South Africa who were selling safaris. I think I upset them when I asked if they were Australian (That was before I read the sign). Apparently that is kind of offensive to them. They ended up forgiving me though. It was really good to see Lauren Brunsvold's father because I met him at the pageant and he is an awesome guy. The most entertaining part of the day was when I was leaving and saying all of my goodbye's to Fran and Jim. I started walking off and Jim asked if he should bring my vest to the national convention. I turned around and realized I had left it hanging at the booth. I promise that will never happen again!!! Thank you so much to the Montana Trappers Association. They are such an integral part of Miss Rodeo Montana and I am willing to support them in any way possible. I can't wait for the national convention this year!

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