Tuesday, July 21, 2009

C.M. Russell Stampede and Libby presentation

Queen hopefuls in Libby
The Manley's lovely steed Billy

Sam and I after the rodeo- lookin' a little windblown

The C.M Russell Stampede in Stanford was really fun because I was with my sidekick Sam!!! The committee is awesome and they sponsor my belt buckle, so I really appreciate them and everything they do for the MRM program. I put on a kiddie rodeo on Saturday, which was packed to the hilt with little ones. There was a little guy, no older than 2, who could handle a rope like nobody's business. I was surprised when he caught on the first try. That was fantastic to see. That evening I helped auction off the art from the quick draw. This is the best quick draw in the state. They had the best artists and some masterpieces created that evening. The committee was so hospitable and very kind. I really appreciate them putting me to use and I hope that I helped them out a little! They even took me out to dinner after the rodeo was over!
Sam and I worked slack in the morning, then took a little break to get ready for the rodeo. The rodeo was supposed to be hot, but the wind was blowing so hard that I couldn't even feel the heat. That was nice! I was so happy to be working with Barney Sheridan- my favorite announcer! He and his family were there and his daughter did an awesome job with music. I was also very impressed with Sparky Dreeson of Gold Buckle Rodeo. That man does everything. He ran flags with us at grand entry, worked timed event chutes, picked up, and did all of the other typical things a stock contractor does. This guy really works in all corners of the arena!
The next morning I packed up and drove over to Libby. I gave a presentation on the Miss Rodeo Montana program to three girls who had competed in a pageant last week for the Libby rodeo. They will see who gets crowned this Friday at the rodeo! Good luck ladies! Thanks Betsy for getting this arranged! They are currently trying to build up their queen program and I think it is great that they are holding fast to tradition!

Wolf Point Stampede

This is how we get a horse through the gate!
This little gal stole the show at the kiddie rodeo

The flag judge was telling me to smile.

Visiting with a new friend at the kiddie rodeo
My dad and I headed over to Wolf Point from Calgary on the 8th. It was so nice having my dad drive! Poor guy! I had many laughs with Megan (Hardy) Helmer, and her sister Vanessa. They were kind enough to let me use Megan's awesome little mare Honeybucket, who is absolutely gorgeous and was so much fun to ride. She was definitely the perfect parade horse. There were two Hawaiian themed parades that were really fun. Vanessa, I might add, is a professional horse decorator and she put little lei's on the horses and glittered them up. Every time I passed by a little kid all I could hear was Oh! Look how sparkly that horse is! We had two performances of rodeo and I was joined by Jourdan and Miss Red Lodge Home of Champions. On Saturday morning, I helped with a HUGE kiddie rodeo at the retirement home. It was nice to see a lot of the residents outside watching the kids run around. There was a little girl I met at the grocery store the day before and invited her to come to the kiddie rodeo. She showed up the next day with a bracelet she made for me. It was really sweet. I had fun in Wolf Point- the Hardy girls definitely made it for me. Vanessa and I were laughing everywhere we went, even the grocery store! I want to thank Megan, Vanessa, and Rita for all of their help. Thanks also to my dad- you are a saint!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Cody, Livingston, and Calgary

Miss Rodeo Australia and I at the Calgary Stampede
O Canada! Miss Rodeo Utah, Kansas, Arizona, and I

Enjoying beautiful weather with Miss Livingston Roundup- Erika Blough

Carrying the Montana flag at the Livingston Roundup

Having some lemonade at Buffalo Bill Cody's Bar with Miss Teen Rodeo Idaho and Miss Rodeo Teton County in Cody, WY

I kicked off my Fourth of July festivities with a two day trip to Cody, Wyoming for the Stampedede. Miss Rodeo Wyoming, Miss Cody Stampede and I attended the Cody Nite Rodeo, then participated in the Cody Stampede, which is a Gold rodeo in the PRCA's Million Dollar Tour. The Nite rodeo is really fun and a great way for competitors to practice every night in the summer. It is the only rodeo that goes every single night of the summer. Miss Cody Stampede has the option of spending every single night at a rodeo! We also went on a trolley tour of Cody and learned a lot about Buffalo Bill, who founded the town of Cody. The Cody committee was definitely one of the nicest and most hospitable. They treated us so well and I would like to extend my gratitude to them and especially to my queen dad-Tim. He was really fun.
I spent Independence Day in Livingston. That is one of our state's largest rodeos and it was neat to be behind the scenes with some of rodeos biggest stars. A big gust of wind knocked over all of the sponsor flags and Tuf Cooper was gentleman enough to help me pick up all of the flags. I love to watch that young man compete because I think he has a great attitude. I'm here to say he is very congenial in person as well! I had a great time helping at the roundup with Erika Blough, Miss Livingston Roundup. Her father was a huge help and provided a horse for me to ride all three nights. Thanks to the Bloughs! I also had Libby Gurnett hanging out with me because she was helping out Judy Kesler for the rodeo. We walked downtown and looked at all of the art museums and shops.
After the rodeo on Saturday, I drove to Missoula and spent a few hours napping. Then I drove to Polson, picked up my dad, and he drove us to Calgary. The Calgary Stampede is an experience in itself. They really know how to put on a show. Gary and Jody Rempel were there because this was Gary's 25th year picking up there! Jody, my dad, and I had fun walking around and even tried a deep fried oreo. I felt my arteries clogging a little, but it was actually really good. Now deep fried jelly beans on the other hand..... I wasn't really up to try those. We watched the chuckwagon races, the rodeo, and I saw a few different shows. I had a day which was my hosted "queen day" at Calgary. Miss Rodeo Utah, Kansas, Arizona, and I were introduced at the Stampede and got a little VIP treatment. I enjoyed the Calgary Stampede and know I will be back for more some day. It's like Vegas- you can't see it all in one trip!