Tuesday, July 21, 2009

C.M. Russell Stampede and Libby presentation

Queen hopefuls in Libby
The Manley's lovely steed Billy

Sam and I after the rodeo- lookin' a little windblown

The C.M Russell Stampede in Stanford was really fun because I was with my sidekick Sam!!! The committee is awesome and they sponsor my belt buckle, so I really appreciate them and everything they do for the MRM program. I put on a kiddie rodeo on Saturday, which was packed to the hilt with little ones. There was a little guy, no older than 2, who could handle a rope like nobody's business. I was surprised when he caught on the first try. That was fantastic to see. That evening I helped auction off the art from the quick draw. This is the best quick draw in the state. They had the best artists and some masterpieces created that evening. The committee was so hospitable and very kind. I really appreciate them putting me to use and I hope that I helped them out a little! They even took me out to dinner after the rodeo was over!
Sam and I worked slack in the morning, then took a little break to get ready for the rodeo. The rodeo was supposed to be hot, but the wind was blowing so hard that I couldn't even feel the heat. That was nice! I was so happy to be working with Barney Sheridan- my favorite announcer! He and his family were there and his daughter did an awesome job with music. I was also very impressed with Sparky Dreeson of Gold Buckle Rodeo. That man does everything. He ran flags with us at grand entry, worked timed event chutes, picked up, and did all of the other typical things a stock contractor does. This guy really works in all corners of the arena!
The next morning I packed up and drove over to Libby. I gave a presentation on the Miss Rodeo Montana program to three girls who had competed in a pageant last week for the Libby rodeo. They will see who gets crowned this Friday at the rodeo! Good luck ladies! Thanks Betsy for getting this arranged! They are currently trying to build up their queen program and I think it is great that they are holding fast to tradition!

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