Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wolf Point Stampede

This is how we get a horse through the gate!
This little gal stole the show at the kiddie rodeo

The flag judge was telling me to smile.

Visiting with a new friend at the kiddie rodeo
My dad and I headed over to Wolf Point from Calgary on the 8th. It was so nice having my dad drive! Poor guy! I had many laughs with Megan (Hardy) Helmer, and her sister Vanessa. They were kind enough to let me use Megan's awesome little mare Honeybucket, who is absolutely gorgeous and was so much fun to ride. She was definitely the perfect parade horse. There were two Hawaiian themed parades that were really fun. Vanessa, I might add, is a professional horse decorator and she put little lei's on the horses and glittered them up. Every time I passed by a little kid all I could hear was Oh! Look how sparkly that horse is! We had two performances of rodeo and I was joined by Jourdan and Miss Red Lodge Home of Champions. On Saturday morning, I helped with a HUGE kiddie rodeo at the retirement home. It was nice to see a lot of the residents outside watching the kids run around. There was a little girl I met at the grocery store the day before and invited her to come to the kiddie rodeo. She showed up the next day with a bracelet she made for me. It was really sweet. I had fun in Wolf Point- the Hardy girls definitely made it for me. Vanessa and I were laughing everywhere we went, even the grocery store! I want to thank Megan, Vanessa, and Rita for all of their help. Thanks also to my dad- you are a saint!

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