Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Last Chance Stampede and the Big Sky Prorodeo Roundup

Some of the chicks n chaps clinicians in Helena
Libby, Sam, and I are "tough enough"

The Great Falls Voyagers Baseball Game- peanuts anyone?

Mr. Ike Sankey and I before the first performance in Great Falls

My new family

The last two weeks were two of the biggest and best pro rodeos in Montana- Helena and Great Falls. In Helena, Sam and I had a lot of laughs navigating our way through the absolutely gorgeous new rodeo facility at the fairgrounds and driving through town. We did a kiddie parade and a regular parade where we rode in a wagon. That was nice to be in the shade! Unfortunately because of the flu- I missed the kiddie rodeo and Sam had to tackle that one herself. But I was back in the saddle again for the rest of the weekend. The rodeo went off without a hitch and I was once again riding Billy "the machine" Manley. That horse is a powerhouse. The Last Chance Stampede committee did a great job and had some spectacular grand entries- one involving a helicopter flying right over the arena. I also got to hang out with Libby Gurnett and she and her horse Digger did a great job at the rodeo. The Chicks N Chaps clinic was a huge success and all of the ladies had so much fun. They even auctioned off a date with one of the cowboys who professed to be 29 and single. Gary Rempel was there picking up so the girls and I got to spend most of the weekend with Jody too, which was nice. The rodeo went really well and I had a lot of fun with all of the girls.
I then headed to Great Falls to promote the Big Sky Prorodeo Roundup at a Voyagers baseball game. That was definitely fun and different! They wanted me to throw the first pitch but I absolutely refused. I have not said no to one thing this year- but this. I felt bad but no one wants to see me try to throw a ball at a target. I would have embarrassed the entire sport of professional rodeo!
The Big Sky ProRodeo Roundup crowned four new girls to the rodeo royalty. These girls were fun to do speeches and model with and I am fully convinced they will be a huge asset to the program. Congratulations to the new royalty! I had so much fun and laughed a lot with all of the outgoing girls- Libby, Jourdan, and Hannah Heckman - our Montana State High School Rodeo Queen. Hannah did an awesome job at Nationals, garnering 2nd runner up! Thank you so much to Lorell and Rocky who helped all of us girls so much! All five performances were exciting, chaos-free, and fun!

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