Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lewistown Winter Fair

If you want to see a kiddie rodeo- come to Lewistown Winter Fair. There were 68 contestants doing three events, one of which I didn't even know existed for kiddie rodeos! Mary Knerr and Bill and Karen from the Back Country Horsemen were on hand to show Sam and I exactly how a kiddie rodeo of this size works. First of all, a prince and princess were drawn from the kids and they recieved a crown, hat, and sash to wear. Then the kids lined up and started the barrel racing. The next event was steer wrestling. The kids had to ride their stick horse into the arena, dismount, then push over a bale of hay that had a steer head on it. We finished with roping and every one of the children recieved a prize. It was a wonderful addition to the winter fair. I perked up when I heard that Sam and I got to help out with the "Death by Chocolate" event. In my imagination, I conjured up taste testing delicous chocolate pies and candies. I was a little off- we walked the chocolate items around for people to bid on with the auction. That was a blessing in disguise because keeping in shape on this schedule in definitely interesting. It was better to walk the chocolate around for me, than eat it. The winter fair has a quilt show and a number of vendors and we got to check everything out. We also did a radio interview with Fred Lark at KXLO radio, which was fun. I would like to thank Lewistown for having us, and Mary for being such an awesome and punctual tour guide. I stayed with Kate Ruland for a night and we had an awesome time together- as usual. Thanks Kate!! I would also like to thank Jody for taking me into her wonderful home. I have never eaten so much good food in a weekend. I appreciate everyone who made the trip successful.

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  1. Hi Lesli! The blog looks great! Keep up the good work. It sounds like you're having a lot of fun.