Sunday, May 10, 2009

Helena Middle School Visit

Goat-tying 101
Some of the awesome 6th Graders!

Demonstrating tie-down roping. I think this is the calf being flanked.

Whoops-there were so many kids I ran out of autograph sheets. Lesson learned. That won't happen again! I worked well with what I had... notebook paper.

My traveling partner, Gus. Yes Reagan- he is ugly :) but in a cute way!

On Friday I helped with a huge rodeo clinic at Helena Middle School. These kids were attentive, enthusiastic, and a lot of fun to work with. I had the opportunity to give a speech, so I talked about what I was like in 6th grade (a dorky animal lover), how I got into rodeo queening, what all Miss Rodeo Montana does, and how to overcome obstacles in life with a positive attitude. The kids were receptive and excited. I started off my speech by saying I heard a rumor that Miss Rodeo Montana had to ride a bull the last few years and I was scared! Audrey had some funny stories! The rumor was true. They gloved me up and threw me on the bucking barrel. Talk about embarrassing. I swear people take a lot of joy in seeing rodeo queens fall off sometimes. These kids were entertained. I think I fell off so fast because I was trying to spur. Now I know why bull riders clamp on for dear life. I tried again and rode that barrel to a standstill.
The kids had a lot of stations that included getting on a bareback rigging, bronc saddle, trying their hands at tie-down roping, goat tying(which I found out they already do in gym class), pole bending, team roping, etc. Janet Erickson does an awesome job setting this event up and I found out I was the 8th Miss Rodeo Montana to do the visit. That is really neat to have a tradition like this school visit. I would encourage everyone to turn their prayers to Janet as she has been sick and couldn't make it to the rodeo day at the school. I would like to thank Helena Middle School and Janet Erickson for inviting me to join them on a fun day for the kids. I had a great time.

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