Monday, May 4, 2009

Seatbelt Commercial~ Mayfaire~ Autumn Dunbar Roughstock Rodeo

There was mud EVERYWHERE, including my camera lens :) Unfortunately Chance Smith had to be back in the pens! Ha Ha!
Between sections, I rounded up all of the little cowboys and cowgirls who wanted to try their hands at some fun events!

It was great to have Virgil there to help- my hands were definitely full!

Autumn and I before grand entry

Autumn and I stop our hard work for a pic!

I had a busy weekend in the Great Falls area. On Friday, I shot a commercial with KRTV promoting young men wearing seatbelts. It should be really good- a little corny, but cute! They had me crack the bullwhip, so be prepared! My favorite line was "So all you guys out there- Go For the Buckle! Or I'll get crackin'!" It is funny. It's amazing how many takes you have to do to have a very short commercial. I'm excited to see how it will turn out.
On Saturday night I went to Mayfaire, which was a dinner, dance, and auction for Benefis Heart Facility. The food was the best I have ever had- and we even had baked Alaska for dessert. They auctioned off a horseback riding package for four girls and I at Bull Run Ranch. That should be a blast. I also got to see the Commodores in concert and they wear more bling than rodeo queens! They had tight black jumpsuits covered in crystals! In case there are a few of you out there who are unfamiliar with the 70's band, they sang Brick House.
Sunday was Autumn Dunbar's Benefit Rodeo. There was a huge turnout and I am so happy that Autumn had so many people attending. It was truly a family event and JS Rodeo and Andrea did a great job making sure all of the kids were included. I helped put on stick horse barrel racing in the arena, the ribbon race, and a chicken catching race. We turned a very cantankerous rooster loose in the arena and all of the kids had to try to catch it. This one ended up not going over as planned because the roosters wings weren't clipped. I have never seen a pack of kids move so fast though! We definitely wore out all of the children and watched a great rodeo. I was so happy to be apart of Autumn's rodeo.

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  1. Hey, I hope your commercial gets on YouTube! Let me know if it does so I can see it! Also that is AWESOME that you got to see the Commodores! Jealousy!