Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ellensburg, Dillon Jaycees Rodeo

Gus saying Ciao!!!
This bay stud was great around the kids

Miss Big Sky Prorodeo Roundup- Tesla McDowell and I paying our respect, with lots of others

Miss Rodeo Washington, Virginia, America, Mississippi, and I before first perf of Ellensburg

Having fun at the MRW speech luncheon

The Ellensburg Rodeo Court and I (Oh, and some photogenic committee men :))
Ellensburg is an awesome rodeo. It is the last stop of the Million Dollar Tour and a Gold rodeo, which amps up the contestants, audience, and entertainment. It was great to watch the Miss Rodeo Washington Pageant and it was such a tight race that I had no clue who the winner was until the moment she was announced. Getting back into pageant mode was really good for me, and of course it was fun to hang out with all of the other state queens and Miss Rodeo America. I would like to thank Nicole Ray, Miss Rodeo Washington and the Miss Rodeo Washington board for being so hospitable and showing all of us what a great place Washington is. We had the opportunity to tour a wind farm, take part in every aspect of the pageant, and ride in the Ellensburg Rodeo- which has one of the most amazing grand entries. Thank you to Jody and Gary Rempel, who let me use one of their horses for grand entry. Ellensburg was one of my favorite rodeos, but I had to rush home for the big hometown rodeo.
Labor Day wasn't exactly what I would have chosen for the perfect "hometown" rodeo. It was definitely funny and the audience got their ticket's worth. I was riding a friends little western pleasure horse and he decided that for the steer wrestling he was going to become a saddle bronc. I had gone all year without getting bucked off and right at the end, he got me. Kyle Shobe was the announcer and I was lucky to have him there because he made it really funny by saying, "Oh, she's goin' for eight seconds!!" and all of this stuff about being a cowgirl. I felt pretty cowgirl when I was crawling out of the dirt with manure stuck all over me and the whole town of Dillon watching. The horse bucked so hard it ripped my spurs, banner, and crown off. Scott Cameron the rodeo clown took the crown and banner and put them on, then proceeded to dance around. Wow.... I'm still hearing about that. The next night I rode this really nice bay stud of Sammy Ryan's. Thanks Sammy!!! He was an angel. I enjoyed riding in the parade, but did hear the phrase "bucked off" probably 20 times. I was proud of myself for staying lighthearted and just let that just roll off my shoulders. After all, that's what being Miss Rodeo Montana is all about! It reminded me of a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, " A woman is like a tea bag, you don't know how strong she is until she's in hot water".

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