Saturday, April 25, 2009

Malstrom AFB "Wild Wild West" and the Great Falls Cancer Clinic Beach Party

Face painting is serious business...
The cancer clinic's beach party attendants

Wild wild west

Jill Veteto of Diamond J Leather is a TALENTED woman!

Detail of the chaps

I have had an outstanding weekend. First, I received my chaps in the mail from Custer, MT where Jill Veteto was working diligently to get them done. I am so impressed with her workmanship. The detail on these are awesome and the colors work together so well. I would like to thank Jill for getting these done in record time. I will wear them proudly as I hit the rodeo trail this summer! I am so excited. I have a feeling these chaps will make some waves! I helped out at Malstrom Air Force Base on Friday night for their "Wild Wild West" event. They had me crack the ol' bullwhip and help with the auction. It was awesome to be with my fantastic hostesses Staci and Joann again. They are hilarious and they put on a good party. I had a dance auctioned off at the end. It went for over 12 million. Talk about a boost for the self esteem. Too bad the money was fake "buckaroo bucks". I just finished with the Great Falls Cancer Clinics Beach Party. The kids and I did a relay race, crafts, and played beach volleyball. I always get a little nervous when I know I am going to be around children with life threatening diseases because I am very emotional and it definitely opens your eyes up to life's realities. However, at this party I was enlightened to find very happy, positive children who didn't let cancer get in the way of having fun. It was really nice to be around them and have a great time- it always reinforces that kids with health challenges are kids too! They need to have friends, be creative, and be stimulated with art and learning just like anybody else would. I enjoyed my afternoon with these children and they strengthen my spirit by just being around them.
I would like to thank John and Vicki Gliko for letting me stay with them on my last few adventures to Great Falls. I absolutely love being out at the ranch and my dog Gus even gets to come with! They are such loving people and I can't thank them enough for the blessings they have bestowed on my life.


  1. Beautiful chaps beauty of mine:) Hope all is well! mum

  2. omg your chaps are so beautilful!!!:O