Friday, April 17, 2009

Miss Rodeo Nevada Pageant

Nursing home visit in Mesquite, NV
All of the contestants for Miss Rodeo Nevada and Miss Rodeo Nevada Teen and the visiting royalty

Excess Traveling leads to fast food consumption.

I really like palm trees.... and sun.... the weather in Nevada was awesome!!!!

First performance of the Logandale PRCA rodeo with Courtney Smith (MRSD) and Allie Bass (MRW)

Just trying out my 12.7 MM AAA Gun Type 54. Trust me- it's a good time.

Some fun tour guides- The one on the far left is Christopher Smith. He was really nice and professional. We felt really bad because at the end of the tour he was taking us back to my pickup and backed the AFB van into someones car. It was all Miss Rodeo Wyoming's fault because she asked him if he wanted a gobstopper. :)

Visiting with the helicopter crew at Nellis AFB

I had an unforgettable time at the Miss Rodeo Nevada Pageant! I got to spend time with three other state queens: Miss Rodeo Nevada, Miss Rodeo South Dakota, and Miss Rodeo Wyoming. It was so fun getting to know them and I love the camaraderie we have! The first few days we spent in Las Vegas where we had many different unique opportunities. We took a tour of Nellis Air Force Base and met with jet fighter plane mechanics as well as helicopter pilots. It was my first time on an air force base and it was really eye-opening. I am in awe of our military and the people who protect our freedom and lifestyles. They are brave, smart, and dedicated. We visited many places in the community including Child Haven which is a place for foster children to stay for a while until they are accepted into foster care. The kids were excited to see us and we had a great time visiting with them. In addition, we made a stop at the nursing home in Mesquite and a children's hospital in Vegas. The contestants got to see first hand exactly what Miss Rodeo Nevada and Miss Rodeo Nevada Teen get to do to help out in the community. It was good speaking experience for me in Mesquite because we stopped by a Rotary Club Meeting and had an opportunity to tell a little bit about ourselves. The Rotary Club was very nice and we had a good breakfast with them.
The pageant was a blur for me- I can't imagine how the girls felt! It was about 3 days long. The visiting royalty helped warm up horses for horsemanship, and modeled in the style show at the fairgrounds. We attending four rodeo performances in Logandale and I had a great time. The weather was perfect and it reminded me that summer is on it's way! I enjoyed helping out Flint the pickup man. I was his right hand man for the rodeo- warming up and cooling down horses, putting on boots, braiding manes and tails, and holding his horses while he switched out during the roughstock events. He let me ride one of his horses for grand entry. I was happy to have such a trusty steed to ride. Amidst the business of the pageant, MRSD, MRW, and I had a few hours to sunbathe by the pool. I had to take advantage of the weather! Congratulations to Andrea Lynch who won the title of Miss Rodeo Nevada. I am excited to get to know her over the year and she will represent Nevada well. Thank you so much to Anna Bavor and Joanne Alvarado- who were amazing hosts! I am very appreciative of their hospitality.

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  1. How funny all the Montana girls decided to go to Logandale! We had a blast doing our version of Spring Break there. Too bad we didn't get to see you.