Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sam's Coronation & Branding!!!

A Kodak moment at Tash's BrandingWrestling a calf

Getting ready to brand at the Tash's- this hat has seen better days

Libby Gurnett (Miss Big Sky ProRodeo Princess), Kendall (Laura Bakker's Granddaughter), and I at Sam's Coronation

Sam and I at her coronation

First of all, congratulations to the Manley's on a very successful and most of all- fun coronation! Sam did a superb job and everyone had a great time. Now we can all breathe a sigh of relief!! My favorite part of the evening was definitely the kiddie rodeo. Sam had kids sign up for the rodeo, then they had a calcutta for all of the contestants! It was a creative and successful way to raise money, and involve the whole family. If you haven't seen Sam with kids yet, she truly has a gift for small children. I am very proud of her and wish her the best this year. It was great to see everyone on the MRMI board again- including Jody, Laura, Tracy, and Linda. They are all so supportive and drove from many places across Montana to support Sam. The Roberts family was there hard at work. Elizabeth and Callie did a great job selling raffle tickets to support their friend Sam. I was also happy to see Mike and Libby Gurnett again. They came from Helena for the celebration and Libby helped sell raffle tickets also. We have such support in Montana for Miss Rodeo Montana and Miss Teen Rodeo Montana. I want everyone to know how much I appreciate that! Laura's granddaughter Kendall, who you will see in the pictures above, helped so much selling raffle tickets. In fact, when I sat down to eat she took the bag and some friends and continued to sell. She is very smart- and remembered how all of the "games" went. I also saw two of my very special sponsors there- Jimmy the Hat Man, and Dr. John Harlan. Dr. Harlan is very active with Tough Enough To Wear Pink of Montana and he sponsored all of my skin care and makeup for the entire year! The evening was fun and I'm so happy that the Manley's coronation was a success.
Off duty, I made a trip out to Polaris, MT for branding out at the Tash Ranch. I helped out last year and had a great time. Bryant Photographics came to capture the branding because Mark Bryant said he had always wanted to take pictures at an "authentic" branding. I told him I had just the event for him. There will be some awesome pictures for my scrapbook. I had a fun, action-packed day off, and enjoyed being a real cowgirl. I wrestled calves with a few of my friends and enjoyed the beautiful weather. I am so excited because my chaps will be in any day now. I cannot wait to see them. Jill Veteto of Diamond J Leather in Custer made them and she is a very talented woman! I will post pictures immediately when I receive them!

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